Sunday, July 6, 2008

Island Wedding Video

hello everyone!
here is a video that was shoot in Naples, Florida. It took place on a island.  It was edited in a cool tropical style. It's fun and hip. I hope you all enjoy it. it's not your average wedding video thats for sure. 
Thanks again and i will be back with some more videos soon.
M. LaFrance

Friday, July 4, 2008

Wedding Video Clip

Happy 4th! I was just going through some edits and came across this one.
Here is a wedding that was shoot and edited sometime ago. It showcases the Bride getting ready and the groom before the ceremony. It's  fun and hip. just wanted to show you. enjoy!
M. LaFrance

Island Wedding!

Hello everyone,
I am back with some more videos. this one was shoot in Naples, Fl. It was edited in a tropical island style. It's fun and cute. I hope you all enjoy. 
M. LaFrance